Vascular and Interventional Professionals

High quality and compassionate care for over 30 years

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Conditions We Treat

Peripheral Artery Disease

Peripheral artery disease treatment often consists of non-surgical procedures for blocked arteries in the legs

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Cancer Treatment

Interventional radiology techniques are quickly becoming standard therapies for cancer treatment.

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Aortic Aneurysms

Detection & Treatment at VIR Chicago for Your Aortic Aneurysms

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Uterine Fibroids

Uterine Fibroids are non-cancerous smooth muscle tumors of the uterus. They occur in 20 to 50 percent of women,

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Spinal Compression Fractures

Spinal compression fractures are most commonly found in elderly patients suffering from osteoporosis. Persisting severe pain

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Varicose Veins

Varicose vein disease is common, and may only result in mild cosmetic type changes in the legs. However, this condition

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Devise A Custom Treatment Plan

At VIR, our interventional radiologists have been at the forefront of vascular and interventional radiology and are responsible for bringing emerging techniques to patients in the western suburbs of Chicago. Please contact us to learn more about VIR or to schedule a consultation. Our physicians can also treat you on an in-patient basis for abscesses, kidney blockage, internal bleeding, and thoracentesis/paracentesis. Come discover our caring, innovative approach to interventional radiology procedures.

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